VH-USB Lockheed 8D Altair    (c/n 152)


                               Reams and reams have been written about this aircraft, both on the Internet and in books.  For the
                               former go to Ron Cuskelly's great Australian site  http://www.adastron.com/  to learn everything you
                               ever wanted to know about VH- registered Lockheed types.
                               Anyway, a brief history.   This aircraft was converted from Lockheed 8A Sirius NR 118W in 1934
                               for Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and named "Lady Southern Cross".  He flew it, accompanied by his
                               navigator P.G. Taylor on the first west-east crossing of the Pacific from Australia to California between
                               Oct 20 and Nov 4, 1934. He later flew it on to the UK where it was sold and re-registered G-ADUS.