VH-URN  de Havilland D.H. 86    (c/n 2301)


                            Here's a rare one.  This D.H. 86 was delivered to Holyman's Airways in Launceston
                            (where I subsequently lived for a number of years) in 1934 (I was still in the UK at that time,
                            however).  Holyman's naming motif in its early days was after Australian cities, in this case
                            'Miss Hobart'.  Later they preferred aboriginal names, a trend continued by ANA when they
                            absorbed Holymans.    Anyway, Holyman's  certainly didn't operate -URN for long, for it
                            unfortunately crashed into the cold waters of Bass Strait off Wilson's Promontory (the southern-
                            most point on the Australian mainland, and now a National Park) after only 22 days' service.
                            The shot below is from the CAHS collection and shows the Holyman's flag on the tail with
                            more clarity.    This flag was adopted by ANA when they took over, by changing the 'HAA'
                            to 'ANA' between the star points.