VH-UPR  Desoutter Mk II                              (c/n  D.35)


                            Plenty of shots of this Desoutter, imported in December of 1930 for Hart Aircraft Services Pty
                            Ltd of Essendon.   Augmenting my own above is an aerial one from the archives of the CAHS
                            (via Phil Vabre) immediately below.  Photo # 3, with appropriate caption is from Keith Webb
                            and shows the result of a crash of -UPR on Deal Island following a take-off  from Sale, Victoria
                            on 3 July 1933.   Keith advises that this photograph came from Max Huxley, whose father was
                            the lighthouse keeper.  Anyway the aircraft was subsequently repaired and  has been actively flying
                            more or less ever since.   In 1945 it was sold to F.J. (Jack) Williams of Nhill.  Photo No 4 is from
                            the CofA and was probably taken at around that time.      For a while it was at the Air Museum in
                            Moorabbin, although Neil Follett has recently provided the lower shot (# 5) of it in a hangar at Lily-
                           dale, Victoria in 2005.  (Note wing of B.A.Swallow VH-UUM propped against the wall!).