VH-UOD  General Aircraft Genairco  (c/n 14)


                   Despite its obvious lineage to the D.H.60 Moth, the Genairco was, in fact, a totally indigenous Australian machine. Kind of a
                   "new improved" Moth, to quote local detergent advertising slogans of the time.  Two basic versions were produced.  A cabin
                   biplane, not unlike the DH 83 Fox Moth with four passengers inside the under wing of the fuselage, (see VH-UUI) and the
                   open biplane version shown here as VH-UOD, seating two side by side in the front cockpit with a single pilot in rear.  The
                   left hand shot shows the aircraft with a Cirrus Hermes engine, whilst the right hand photograph illustrates the same machine
                   after it had been fitted with a de Havilland Gipsy III engine installed.  This latter engine installation really makes the aircraft
                   look like a Tiger Moth!    VH-UOD has been flying more or less continuously since it was built in 1930 (with time-outs for the
                   odd registration lapses from time to time, of course), but has now been restored and is owned by Charlie Morris, of Caloundra,
                   Qld..  It is, in fact, the only Genairco still airworthy in Australia (or anywhere else, for that matter!).   Charlie provides the nice
                   air to air shot of it, taken in August 2006, below.   Finally, at the foot of the page are two "interim period" shots of this old
                   bird from the Geoff Goodall collection:  (Left) at Condobolin in 1964 (photo by Bob Neate) and (right) in the owner's shed
                   at Totenham, NSW in 1975 (photo by Goodall).