VH-UNF de Havilland D.H. 60M Moth    (c/n 1368)


                                    This D.H. 60 Moth was imported in 1930.  After several private owners it became the
                                    personal "mount" of famed entrepreneur Reginald M. Ansett in 1934 whilst he was
                                    residing in Hamilton, Victoria.  R.M. Ansett, of course, was later to start Ansett Transport
                                    Industries, a subsidiary of which became one of Australia's largest airlines.  Unfortunately
                                    this Moth was destroyed in a hangar fire at Essendon Airport, Melbourne, in 1939. 
                                    However, judging from the excerpt from the Sydney Morning Herald of 9 July 1932
                                    (and accompanying image below) it would appear that VH-UNF had other problems
                                    prior to this fire, being overturned during a cyclonic storm on that Saturday.   It was
                                    owned by H.F. Broadbent at the time and sold soon afterward to A.T. Cridland who
                                    in turn sold it in 1934 to Reg Ansett.    At the foot of the page is a photograph from the
                                    family album on Maria Anstis, daughter of Ted Longeran who was the original owner
                                    of  -UNF from January 1930 to May 1932.  The Longerans had extensive pastoral
                                    interests in the Mudgee, NSW area and also operated motor garages and a large depart-
                                    ment store in the town.   The Moth was named "Happy Days" and was replaced, in
                                    1932 with the Avro Avian VH-UQE (as 'Happy Days II').   The Longerans owned a
                                    long series of aircraft up to the present time, and the prewar fliers had RAAF careers
                                    during WWII.