VH-UNA  Avro 618 Ten                                          (c/n 388)


                                    Australian National Airways Ltd's "Southern Sun".     Upon the liquidation of this company in
                                    1931, the aircraft was sold back in the U.K.  In the event it crashed and was written off at Alor
                                    Star in Malaya in November of 1931 (a few months after I was born!).  The two photos immed-
                                    iately below are both from the Geoff Goodall collection, whilst image no 4 is via the Ross Stenhouse
                                    collection.  At the foot of the page is a close up of 'Southern Sun' from the CAHS archives.  The
                                    titling was, in the event, clearly ambitious since it never did complete its first and only trip from Australia
                                    to England.                                    .