VH-UMN  de Havilland DH 50A   (c/n LASCO 1)


                            Judging by its c/n, this was the first D.H.50A built by the Larkin Aircraft Supply Co Ltd of
                            Melbourne.  In all probability it was not built from scratch, but from a kit supplied from
                            Hanger Lane.
                            My original comment was:  " The Star of David on the rudder is interesting, since my records
                            indicate that the machine spent most of its career in New Guinea and had no connection with
                            the Jewish state whatsoever"! 

                            Fred Niven, in Melbourne advises me that:

                            That logo, with the 'C' in the center, was the logo of W.R. Carpenter & Co., which owned Mandated
                            Airlines Ltd., which was its operator for its later life in PNG (it came from Pacific Aerial Transport).
                            Most/all of M.A.L.'s aircraft of that era had the logo on their tails.

                            Fred is a noted authority on every aspect of the history of airlines in Australia. 

                            VH-UMN  crashed at Waipali, NG, incidentally, in 1937.