VH-UKT  Lasco Lascoter      (c/n  1)


                            Above and immdediately below are two rare photographs from the CAHS collection, while photo
                            # 3 is an image froim the Geoff Goodall collection.   These depict  the one and only Larkin Aircraft
                            Supply Company (LASCO) Lascoter VH-UKT.  This aircraft was the first Australian designed and
                            built commercial aircraft to be awarded a Certificate of Airworthiness.  It was constructed in 1929
                            at the company works at Coode Island Aerodrome near Melbourne, and issued its C of A on 22
                            July of that year.  It flew scheduled passengers services in the outback whilst operated by Australia
                            Aerial Services, a subsidiary of LASCO.  The initial route was from Melbourne to Hay, NSW.
                            In 1930 a 300 hp ADC Nimbus engine was installed in place of the original 230 hp Armsrong
                            Siddeley Puma (probably the engine seen in these three images).   In 1933 the Lascoter was used
                            on Larkin's daily Camooweal-Daly Waters service, replacing a DH50.   In 1935 the Lascoter was
                            sold to Airlines of Austrlia Ltd who re-engined it yet again, this time with aa Armstrong Siddeley
                            Janguar Mk IV, as seen in the shot # 4.  Finally, from David Henderson comes the shot at the foot
                            of the page (# 5) which he found among his collection of RAAF photos.   VH-UKT ended its days
                            abandoned and dismantled in the old Larkin hangar at Coode Is.    During WW II it was hauled
                            away as rubbish by the RAAF    Today, it would be priceless.