VH-UEE  Desoutter Mk II                                              (c/n D.30)


                             The Desoutter series of aircraft was manufactured in England in 1929-30, and was actually the Dutch
                             Koolhoven FK-41 built under license.   Two versions were produced.     The Mark I had a 100 h.p.
                             Hermes I engine, while the Mark II, illustrated here, had a 120 hp de Havilland Gypsy III 4-cylinder
                             in-line.       Previously EI-AAD and G-ABOM, this aircraft was purchased by Harold Jeffrey and
                             Harold Jenkins, both of Melbourne.   Their original intention was to buy a Moth but since they intended
                             to fly back to Australia opted instead for the closed cabin comfort of the Desoutter.   They eventually
                             reached Darwin on 10 February 1932 after a trip of some 44 days.  Oddly, they didn't keep the machine
                             but sold it to Hart Aircraft Services in Melbourne who, after overhauling it, on-sold it to Lawrence M.
                             Johnson of Launceston, Tasmania.   When  Johnson merged with shipping line owners Holyman Brothers
                             Pty its ownership was changed to that of Tasmanian Aerial Services Pty Ltd, and the Desoutter was named
                             'Miss Flinders'   The intention was to use -UEE along with Fox Moth VH-UQM in an air service between
                             Tasmania, Flinders Island and Melbourne.  My shot above was taken at Bankstown in the early 1950s.
                             The photo below, by Daryl Mackenzie, was probably in the late 1930s when the Desoutter was based at
                             Essendon.     It was stored during WW II and, emerging in 1946, went to work with Wollongong and South
                             Coast Aviation Service before passing  to the renamed South Coast Airways.       It was withdrawn from
                             service in 1951 and restored as VH-BQE .  It is now on display at Western Junction Airport, Launceston,
                             Tasmania. (or was, up until my last visit there in 2007).