VH-UBY  Sopwith Gnu                                  (c/n Original W/O 2976/6)

                                       Formerly G-EAIL, VH-UBY was actually the 16th aircraft on the VH- civil register, and was one
                                       of two Gnus (-UBX was the other [ex G-EAHQ]) which had originally been imported by Larkin
                                       Aircraft Supply Co for their
Australian Aerial Services Limited mail run from Adelaide to Sydney.
                                       The Gnus probably flew a limited portion of that route   .  It was later sold to K.R.M. Farmer who
                                       owned it for many years.    The above photo, from the Frank Walters collection (via Geoff Goodall)
                                       was taken at its base at Coode Island circa 1929.  The nice flying shot below is via the archives of
                                       the Civil Aviation Historical Society in Melbourne.    Just love the rego between the arrow.  Proof
                                       that this ancient bird had a long life can be seen in photo no 3 below, taken at Essendon in 1938 by
                                       the late Daryl Mackenne with the DC-2 VH-UYC in the background.   My own image, at the foot
                                       of the page was probably taken around the same time.      Note tail of a RVAC D.H.60  Moth on
                                       the right.  VH-UBY's CofA lapsed in October 1941 and it was stored at Coode Island during the
                                       war.  Farmer advised DCA in 1945 that the engine had been sold to Ansett and wings and fuselage
                                       to Mr. Tay of Preston.   Notwithstanding that, it is listed in the register as having been destroyed
                                       by a windstorm at Essendon in April 1946.