VH-UBC  Maurice Farman Longhorn   (c/n 1505)


                                    Taken at an air show at Moorabbin in 1955.   This is actually a complete rebuild, since
                                    the original VH-UBC crashed in 1926 and was struck off the register in that year. This
                                    aircraft was rebuilt from the original airframe.  Unfortunately it, too crashed on its first
                                    post-restoration flight in 1954.     It was subsequently rebuilt and flown again.  Barrie
                                    Colledge's shot below shows it a few days prior to its successful flight following the
                                    second rebuild in 1956.  
It was subsequently sold to the Tallmantz Aviation Aircraft
                                    Collection in the USA, reportedly registered as N96452.  Following a couple of other
                                    owners in the US it wound up with the Canadian Aviation Museum in Ottawa, Canada,
                                    although is not currently on display there.