VH-UZZ de Havilland D.H.84A Dragon               (c/n  6097)


                                     I have several shots of this, the last VH-U assigned.   The Dragon was imported in June 1937 for
                                     Aircrafts Pty Ltd of Brisbane.  It was formerly on the U.K. register as G-ADDJ.  The image above
                                     is from the John Wilson collection, whilst the photograph immediately below is via John Hopton,
                                     both being at Archerfield.  Photo # 3 is by  J. Petersen and shows -UZZ at Nanago, Queensland,
                                     circa 1938, resplendent with Royal Mail charter livery.    Finally, at the foot of the page is a photo
                                     from Jodie Locke's grandfather's album  of -UZZ also at Archerfield,. circa 1940 (possibly prior
                                     to, or after a scheduled flight).         The Dragon was impressed into the RAAF during WW II as
                                     A34-3, and was released from military duties in 1945 and sold to Airlines (WA) Ltd of Perth, who
                                     probably used it for spares.