VH-UZV  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth               (c/n  3635)


                                      This Tiger was purchased new by the Royal Queensland Aero Club and imported into Australia
                                      in January of 1938.  The above image, taken probably just after the machine had ben painted up
                                      with the RQAC tail stripes, is courtesy of the John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland*.
                                      Note D.H.60 Moth in background.   In July 1940, VH-UZV was impressed into service with
                                      the RAAF, becoming A17-674.   It did not re-emerge after the war and it can be concluded that
                                      it was scrapped sometime during WW II.  There is, flying around at the moment, a Tiger Moth
                                      registered (perhaps I should say "masquerading" as) VH-UZV, but this machine is an ex purpose
                                      built military aircraft (A17-364), with no connection to the pre-war Tiger Moth seen above. 

                                      *    For any viewer interested in historical images of Queensland in addition to aviation, visit the
                                            State Library site at:   http://www.PictureAustralia.org/slq.html