VH-UZN  Lockheed 10B Electra   (c/n   1106)


                               Imported new for Ansett Airways, VH-UZN was named "Ansirius".  It was destroyed in the disastrous
                               hangar fire at Essendon Airport, Melbourne on February 28, 1939.  A fire which almost put the fledgling
                               Ansett Airways out of business.   For more on this, and other Australian Lockheeds, visit:
                               The following historic photograph comes from the collection of Mr. Lindsay Wise, a member of the Civil
                               Aviation Historical Society in Australia.  Mr. Wise was a former Ansett employee:   For more on the Society
                               and  the history of Australia' Department of Civil Aviation, go to:  http://www.airwaysmuseum.com/
                               This photograph is copyright the CAHS and must not be used without permission.