VH-UZE  Sikorsky S-38B                              (c/n  214-13)


                                            The rare photos on this page are the only images I have been able to glean of this beast. Above
                                            and immediately below were contributed by Jean Lacroix and were taken by his grandfather,
                                            who flew the aircraft in New Guinea  in 1937.  Leon Hides sent in the last photo, indicating it
                                            was probably taken near the family home on the  Kikori River, sometime in 1937.
                                            Ex NC142M, -UZE was acquired by the Papua Oil Development Company Ltd and arrived
                                            on the S.S. Somerset at Brisbane in March 1937.   It was assembled and test flown on the
                                            Brisbane River and flown north.  It was delayed considerably on the way to New Guinea by
                                            both weather and mechanical factors and did not arrive there until the end of May, 1937.
                                            On 12 December 1937 the S-38B was written off when alighting on the Kikori River
                                            (probably hit a log).