VH-UYZ  Aeronca 100                                          (c/n  AB102)


                                          Another of the aircraft imported in 1937 for W.W. Pike's newly formed Light Aeroplanes Pty Ltd                           
                                          of Brisbane.  (Above image courtesy of the John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland). The
                                          concern did not last long and by early 1938 had folded.   The Aeronca 100 was a UK-built version
                                          of the C-3 with fabric-covered ailerons (instead of metal), and was built in England under license by
                                          Light Aircraft Ltd. (operating as Aeronautical Corporation of Great Britain Ltd.).  No connection to
                                          the Light Aeroplanes Pty Ltd quoted above.   24 Aeronca 100s were manufactured before production
                                          was halted.    Following a series of owners in Queensland in the late 1930s, VH-UYZ 's CofA lapsed
                                          early in WW II (August 1940), was not renewed, and the aircraft was stricken from the register.
                                          I wonder what happened to it?