VH-UYS  Rearwin 9000L Sportster                               (c/n 535D)


                              The above shot, from the Civil Aviation Historical Society archives (Len Dobbin collection) shows
                              this neat little Sportster just after it had been registered in 1937.  No 2 shot is from Lawrence Roche
                              and shows it with a reversed color scheme probably in the western diustrict of Victoria early post-
                              war when it was owned by Percy Parker.possibly early post-war. By the time I saw it at Moorabbin
                              (No 3) in 1954 it was somewhat weathered, with a black registration over a dark red paint job, plus
                              the rego really  needed a repaint!             When Geoff Goodall saw it at Stawell in
September 1966
                              (bottom of the page) it had had a complete re-paint and was then owned by Rob Nuttall of Edenhope
                              Victoria.     This machine became part of the ill-fated Wangaratta Air World collection, but I am not
                              sure of its current fate/condition.