VH-UYK  D.H.82A Tiger Moth       (c/n   3598)


                                  This pre-war Tiger was originally owned by the Royal Aero Club of NSW.    From there it
                                  was impressed into the RAAF as A17-688.  After WW II it reverted to VH-UYK and retained
                                  that identity until it was stricken from the register in 1960 following a crash at Cressy, Victoria. 
                                  It was converted by Schutt Aircraft Sales and Service in 1951 to crop duster configuation and
                                  sold to Air-Spread Pty Ltd, although when I caught it at Moorabbin in 1958 it had passed on
                                  to Air Spray and Associates Services Pty Ltd.  When the Tiger was used as an aerial sprayer
                                  the front cockpit was sealed over and the space used as the hopper for the chemicals.  The spray
                                  bars can be seen under the wings on the above photograph.