VH-UYH  Fairchild 24-G                                   (c/n  2965)


                                      All new for 1937 was the Warner Super Scarab powered version of the popular Fairchild 24-H
                                      dubbed the 24-G.         Unlike its Ranger powered sister however, the 24-G was the first of the
                                      Fairchild high wing monoplanes to carry four people.   In order to achieve this standard of utility
                                      many of the niceties normally associated with 24s had to be eliminated, such as wheel spats, flaps
                                      and roll down windows.  This 24G was imported new (c/n 2965 had been assigned NC16896,
                                      but came straight to Australia without bearing its US rego) in August 1937 for the Newcastle Aero
                                      Club.  During WW II it was impressed into RAAF service as A36-3 and civilianized again in
                                      March 1945 to a private owner in Maryborough, Queensland.    It flew in outback Queensland
                                      until retired at Rockhampton in 1962   . Its fuselage was stored in one of the original old hangars
                                      at Rockhampton airport well into the 1960s.   The above photo, from the Frank Walters collection
                                      shows it at Broadmeadow Aerodrome, Newcastle, circa 1937.  The post-war shot below is via
                                      the Geoff Goodall collection.