VH-UYG  Cessna C-34 Airmaster                             (c/n  339)

                                     Recognizable by the absence of wing supporting struts, (the wing was fully cantilevered, internally
                                     braced) the Cessna C-34 was introduced in 1935.  VH-UYG was imported in July of 1937.  The
                                     image above, from the Graeme Parsons collection, shows it at Mascot in 1937 while it was owned 
                                     and operated by Airflight, Ltd.    Immediately below is a photograph taken by Mr. Eyre in 1938
                                     (from the Geoff Goodall collection) showing the Airmaster in 1938 .   My own two shots (3 & 4)
                                     illustrate -UYG at Benalla, Victoria in the early 1950s.  In those days it was bereft of the helmeted
                                     cowling.    Looked rather strange with the smooth one.    In 1940 the big Cessna was impressed
                                     into RAAF service as A40-1.      After WW II it lived most of its life in the Woollongong, NSW
                                     area, until 1963 when it was re-registered VH-KWM.      It reverted to its original historic regis-
                                     tration in 1993.  It was purchased by Steve Padgett in 2010, owner of Aeromil Pacific, a nation-
                                     al Cessna dealer, who has restored the helmeted cowling.  .  It is based at
Maroochydore, Qld
                                     airport and only flown on special occasions.       The two color shots at the foot of the page are
                                     via Rowan Hughes and were
taken at a Watt's Bridge fly-in on 10 August 2010 by Robert Frola.