VH-UXW  Taylor J2 Cub                                       (c/n  960)


                                  American light aircraft were rarely imported before WW II (and indeed, afterward until the limits
                                  on dollar imports were lifted in 1956).       This Taylorcraft was brought in by Light Aeroplanes
                                  Pty Ltd of Archerfield, Queensland, and first registered in May 1937.  The Frank Walters shot
                                  above (via Geoff Goodall) was taken at that locale shortly after the machine arrived.  It was later
                                  sold to Queensland Air University and destroyed in a disastrous hangar fire at Archerfield on
                                  28 June 1939.  In the photo below (via Barbara Butler) it seen with another Cub, VH-UYT at
                                  Archerfield in 1938.   Both were owned by Queensland Air University.