VH-UVQ  Short S.16 Scion                          (c/n S.791)

                                   VH-UVQ was another of Adelaide Airways' Scions, which transferred to ANA after the take-over
                                   in 1936.  The above photograph was acquired  in 1947 from ANA, whilst that immediately below,
                                   from the Civil Aviation Historical Society of South Australia shows it in situ at Adelaide in 1935.
                                   Following its service with ANA it was sold in 1937 to N. D. Healy of Sydney.    From the Graeme
                                   Parsons collection (image # 3) comes the shot of it at Mascot in 1937 after its disposal by ANA.  
                                   In 1938 it went to
Aerial Transport and Training Ltd of Brisbane to be used on a Brisbane-South
                                   Coast service. .  By then it was equipped with floats, which apparently had been fitted in Sydney
                                   before being flown up to Brisbane.  
The fourth photograph is from the John Oxley Library, State
                                   of Queensland collection, and shows -UVQ on an improvised slipway on the Brisbane River. The
                                   seaplane wound
up in a shed near this same river and was put up for tender in 1939.      Receiving
                                   no takers, it languished during WW II and was finally struck off the r
egister in 1946. At the foot of
                                   the page is a photo which appeared in the Brisbane Courier Mail for 14 October 1938 whose caption
                                   reads:  'Wheeling a Short Scion seaplane overland to Cook's River, Sydney  where floats were refitted
                                   for its flight to Brisbane today.....'  The use of the word 'refitted' is interesting, suggesting that it  had
                                   periods on and off sea boots.