VH-UVP  Hillson Praga                                     (c/n    HA.1)


                                      The above shot is from the Camden Historical Society (via the National Library of Australia) and
                                      depicts Les Ray and George Mills at Camden Aerodrome, circa 1937 with the first of some 39
                                      Praga E.114 light sport planes built under licence in the U.K. by F. Hills and Sons at their Trafford
                                      Park, Manchester factory.   This aircraft was first registered to D.MacArthur-Onslow who traded
                                      as Light Aircraft Pty Ltd of Sydney, so just what the relationship of the two gentlemen seen above
                                      to this organization is unclear.   The Praga had several other owners in NSW in the 1940s and was
                                      unfortunately destroyed in a fire at the Bowden Air Transport workshop at Broken Hill, NSW in
                                      April 1945.