VH-UVG (2)   Percival K.1 Vega Gull                           (c/n K.36)

                                     The above shot, from the Lawrence Roche collection was evidently taken at Bankstown, possibly
                                     in 1936 when the aircraft was new.  The less than spectacular image immediately below was by Bob
                                     Fripp at Geelong's Belmont Common airport in 1946. The two shots at the foot of the page were
                                     both at Bankstown at around the same time.      .  Note lack of spats in photo # 3 giving it a rather
                                     austere look.  VH-UVG crashed and was written off at Pondooma, near Cowell, SA on 26 Nov
                                     1953..  It was impressed as A32-1 during WW II.