VH-UVE  Klemm L-32V                                              (c/n  402)

  Built as D-2299, this is the Klemm in which aviatrix Maude Rose "Lores" Bonney made the first
                                  solo flight from Australia to South Africa.     The above photograph, taken at Archerfield is from
                                  the Frank Walters collection probably just prior to the long flight.    Another image at around the
                                  same time as Frank's is seen below and is via the John Oxley Library, State Library of Queens-
                                  land collection.  At the foot of the page is an historic shot of the diminutive craft from the Stephen
                                  Mills collection taken in Kenya circa 1932 before the aircraft went to the U.K. to become G-ACYU.
                                  In December 1935 Lores purchased the Klemm from Norman Berry Littlejohn of Melbourne who
                                  had flown it out from the U.K.   She christened it 'My Little Ship II', and departed Darwin for South
                                  Africa on 13 April 1937, arriving in Cape Town some four months later.   The trip had a double inter-
                                  est for Lores.   She had been born in the Union and hence it was a trip back "home" plus the solo
                                  flight had never been done before.   The Klemm was shipped back to Australia but unfortunately
                                  was destroyed in the disastrous fire in the Qantas No 2 hangar at Archerfield on 28 June 1939.