VH-UVC  Comper Swift CLA-7  (c/n S32/10)

                      Here's Comper Swift VH-UVC when it was owned by the Royal Victorian Aero Club with a very
                            young Richard Maclean in attendance!  This shot was probably taken in the late 1940s.  The identity
                            of the other two gentlemen (one of whom looks distinctly like a gauleiter of  yesteryear!) is unknown.
                            Below is a shot I took of it in 1955 at Moorabbin.  And finally, just received, is the lovely color shot
                            (bottom) by intrepid airman Barrier Colledge, seated in the cockpit just prior to his second sortie in the
                            machine on 12 May 1958. 
Note the Townend ring cowling fitted at this time and the all consuming
                            orange day-glo paint.  The then owner Keith Torr, is seen standing behind the engine, clutching the
                            mandatory  rag for wiping the excessive oil spillage.  Keith turned the aircraft over when he had an
                            engine failure on approach to Moorabbin the following year.  It has not, we think, flown since. 
                            Dr Roy Fox currently holds the airframe for prospective restoration, and a photo in a magazine about
                            5 years ago showed it in a very dismantled condition.   Incidentally, the Pobjoy Niagra came from the
                            Klemm Swallow VH-UUJ.