VH-UVB  de Havilland D.H.84 Dragon                            (c/n  6102)


                                           Photos of -UVB are rare and the one above is from the Sarah Chinnery photographic collection
                                           of New Guinea (via the National Library of Australia) showing it in company with an unidentified
                                           Fox Moth whilst working for W.R. Carpenter Air Services in New Guinea in early 1936.  It was
                                           delivered new to the airline in February of that year.     W.R.Carpenter's air service was renamed
                                           Mandated Airlines later in 1936.    In mid 1941 -UVB was withdrawn from service for a complete
                                           overhaul.    Due to the war this work was put on the back burner and, in the event, the Dragon
                                           was badly damaged on the ground by a Jap air attack on Salamaua on 21 January 1942.     The
                                           result of this action can be seen below in this historic shot from the Brian Grey collection, courtesy
                                           Denis Grey.