VH-UUN  B.A. Swallow II                           (c/n  414)


                                     This Swallow was owned by Charles A. Goodsell, of Lucinda Station, Grenfell, NSW when the
                                     above photo (from the John Hopton collection) was taken at West Wyalong, NSW.  The aircraft
                                     was named 'Lucinda', after the homestead..       It had originally been registered to J.J. Conolly in
                                     November 1935.   This photo is thought to have been taken shortly before the aircraft was struck
                                     off the register in February 1946.  Correspondent David Bevan advises (2013) that VH-UUN was
                                     acquired by a party in New Zealand in the early 1990s and is destined for restoration at some time
                                     in the future, with a Pobjoy power plant up front.     The contemporary photo below shows the old
                                     bird being worked on in New Zealand.