VH-UUB  de Havilland D.H.86                                  (c/n  2326)


          The above photo, from the McJob collection (via the CAHS) shows -UUB with the ANA logo
                                   on the rudder, whilst in the image immediately below, from the
Margaret Campbell collection,
                                   (also via CAHS archives), the D.H.86 is seen when it was brand new and with Holyman's flag,
                                   although sans name, which had yet to be painted on.  Photo 3 below, from my own  collection
                                   shows -UUB at Essendon in 1935 and at the foot of the page is an historic shot of the rather
                                   sumptuous (for those days) interior of the airliners.
                                   VH-UUB was delivered to Holymans Airways Pty Ltd at Launceston, Tasmania in September
                                   of 1935 and named "Loila" (aborigine for "sky").     When ANA took over from Holymans at
                                   the end of 1936 this DH 86 was transferred to their asset register.   It served them well until the
                                   outbreak of war and was then impressed into military service with the RAAF, becoming A31-3.
                                   It was destroyed by a fire on 14 April 1942.