VH-UTS   Junkers F.13ke                                (c/n  2074)


                                  Here's a "better than nothing" image of a Junkers F.13 after an accident in New Guinea, date
                                  and venue unknown.  Image from the CAHS archives in Melbourne.  VH-UTS was originally
                                  registered in the U.K. as G-ABDC on August 23, 1930. It was named "Papua".   I have not
                                  been able to glean the exact historic timetable, but in order to be imported into New Guinea,
                                  (some sort of import restriction) it was first reregistered in Sweden as SE-AEC in 1934..
                                  In March 1935 it became VH-UTS for the Lutheran Mission.   Clearly it was repaired from
                                  the above mishap, since on 14 September 1939 it was flown (stolen?) by two German pilots
                                  to Merauke, Dutch New Guinea, rather, I suppose, than face being interned.        Just what
                                  happened to -UTS after that is not clear.   Scrapped, there, no doubt.