VH-UTN  de Havilland D.H.60G Gipsy Moth            (c/n  1883)

                                        Photos of -UTN, a rather late-comer as Moths were concerned, have proven difficult to come by.
                                        This Moth was not imported until 1935, and was acquired by Australian aviatrix Nancy de Low
                                        Bird for her embryo air ambulance service operation in outback New South Wales. It was formerly
                                        G-ABSD, and had been rebuilt following an accident in 1932.   The photo above, from the Civil
                                        Aviation Society of South Australia archives shows it on approach to Adelaide's Parafield airport
                                        sometime in the late 1930s. .Immediately below it is seen as part of a line-up of aircraft of the Aero
                                        Club of South Australia in 1936.    The grainy image at the foot of the page (from the State Library
                                        of NSW's collection) shows it in Ms. Bird's service and carrying the name 'Vincere', and the slogan
                                        'Woman" under the mainplanes, the latter  to promote the notion that female pilots were just
                                        as good as their male counterparts!.     In 1940 it was impressed into service with the RAAF and
                                        became A7-96.  It did not re-emerge after the war and was presumably scrapped.  The Powerhouse
                                        Museum in Sydney has a nice model of this aircraft, and more detailed information regarding Nancy                                           
                                        Bird Walton (as she became) on their website at:.