VH-UTK    GAL Monospar ST.12                             (c/n  ST12/38)


The above photograph is from the Robert Milburn collection and was taken by his father, possibly
                                        at Oodnadatta, SA, whilst the aircraft were taking part in an aerial exploration of Central Australia
                                        in June 1935    Robert advises that the caption on the reverse of the print indicates that the aircraft
                                        were connected, at the time, with Wallis Fogarty's stores.   This retail company had two large out-
                                        back stores located in both Alice Springs and Oodnadatta, SA   It is possible that they participated
                                        in sponsoring this survey, in part.        Below is a shot from the Alan Betteridge collection (via the
                                        CAHS archives) showing -UTK at the completion of the South Australian Centenial Air Race at
                                        Parafield in 1936.     The truly awful reproductionat the foot of the page is from a
newspaper photo
                                        and suffers from the lack of clarity associated with reproducing small half-tone plates.  It came from
                                        the Sydney Morning Herald of 18 June 1935 and was captioned: "Mackay Expedition departs to
                                        explore Central Australia from the air".       VH-UTK was originally first registered in May 1935 to
                                        New England Airways Ltd of Sydney as 'Captain Phillip'.    It was then absorbed by Airlines of
                                        Australia on 1 January 1936.    Unfortunately, it was destroyed by fire at Mackay, Queensland on
                                        1 July 1938.