VH-USX  Ford 4-AT-E                                (c/n  4-AT-68)


                                   This interesting shot above comes from the files of the Civil Aviation Historical Society Museum at
                                   Essendon via Phil Vabre, while the lower one is courtesy of the Geoff Goodall collection.  VH-USX
                                   began life as NC8406.  I do not believe it ever saw airline service, since it was exported to Spain in
                                   1929 as M-CKAA. It was later re-registered EC-KKA.   It was purchased by a broker in the U.K.
                                   in 1934 becoming G-ACAK and shortly afterward was imported into Australia by Guinea Airways
                                   for operation in New Guinea.  It was then either leased or sold to Holden's Air Transport Services
                                   in whose ownership it is seen above.  The D.H.60G Moth in the foreground is another of Holden's
                                   machines (see separate entry).   In 1937 Guinea Airways absorbed Holden's operation and VH-USX
                                   was one of the assets acquired in the deal.   The Ford was unfortunately one of the many aircraft
                                   destroyed on the ground by a Japanese attack on Salamaua on 21 January 1942..