VH-UST    GAL Monospar ST.10                              (c/n  ST10/34)

                              Imported in February 1935 for Robert Bryce and Co (Pty) Ltd of Melbourne, this machine was
                              transferred to W.A.S.P. Airlines Ltd of Sydney a month later.  The images above and immediately
                              below, via Geoff Goodall, are from official CofA photographs.     Following that is a shot showing
                              some unknown worthies with the machine carrying the tittle 'Narromine Wasp'   At the foot of the
                              page is a photograph from the E.A. Crome collection, (courtesy of the National Library of Australia),
                              taken whilst the aircraft was with W.A.S.P.    This outfit was somewhat short-lived and VH-USP
                              passed to J.J. Larkin and J.W. Jackson in October of 1936, although still based at Mascot.  On 19
                              November1939 it was involved in a mid air collision with Moth VH-UPV and written off.