VH-USO  Cierva C.19 Mk IVP Autogiro               (c/n 5153)


                                         Actually an Avro 620, this stubby little rotary wing was imported at the end of 1934 for the
                                         Autogyro Corporation of Australia, of Melbourne. 15 Mk.IVPs were built by Avro in the
                                         UK, c/n 5153 being originally G-ABUH.   While still a company demo machine, it had its
                                         rotor severely damaged during an attempted take-off on 16 June 1935.   No further flights
                                         could be undertaken and its Certificate of Registration was allowed to lapse in November
                                         of 1935.      Presumably it rotted away somewhere.     The two rare shots in this entry are
                                         courtesy of the John Hopton collection.  The accident shot seen below was probably that
                                         of the afore-mentioned June 1935 incident.