VH-UQZ  Blackburn L.1C Bluebird IV                     (c/n  SB.232)


                                             In 1929, Blackburn redesigned the earlier wooden Bluebird side-by-side trainer aircraft with an
                                             all-metal updated model L.1C Bluebird IV.  With its metal structure, the Bluebird IV was larger
                                             and heavier than its wooden predecessors, and was fitted with a near rectangular balanced rudder
                                             and no fin.  The first Bluebird IV flew in early 1929 (it went to a South African owner) although
                                             only three were produced by Blackburns, being involved, as they were, with military contracts.
                                             A further 55 Bluebird IVs were built by Saunders-Roe.   VH-UQZ was the former G-AAVG
                                             and was first registered in Australia in May 1933 to Lt Cdr G.A. Hall, RAN of Melbourne, who
                                             named it 'Five Winds'.  The photo above, from the John Hopton collection shows it at Mascot
                                             with 'Castrol' on the cowling.   At that time it was probably owned by A.L. Needham of Camper-
                                             down, NSW who had acquired it in March 1935.  One year later its CofA lapsed and was never
                                             renewed.   Be interesting to know what happened to it.