VH-UQF   Fokker F.III                                       (c/n 1663)

                                       This shocking image, from the Geoff Goodall collection, is the only one gleaned thus far of this F.III
                                       bearing its VH- registration.  The aircraft had been delivered to KLM in the fall of 1925 as H-NABV,
                                       and a photo of it as such is seen below.  .         It was fitted with a 420 hp Gnome-Rhône air-cooled
                                       6 cylinder engine, and used mainly for freight and photographic work.  In 1928 it was fitted with a new
                                       420 hp Gnome-Rhône Titan engine and a metal Curtiss Reed propellor, and  continued to fly for KLM
                                       being re-registered PH-ABV in 1929. . One year later (November1930) it was sold for £ 300, sans
                                       engine, to Australian Ray Parer, owner of the Bulolo Goldfields & Co, and shipped out to New Guinea.
                                       Before it could receive its Australian CofA, however, it crashed after take off from Salamaua, NG on
                                       18 March 1931.   (Hence lack of photos of it at VH-UQF_).

                                        H-NABV  Fokker F.III                   (c/n 1663)