VH-UQA  de Havilland D.H.60M Moth                  (c/n  1566)


                                  This was the Moth flown by C.W.A. Scot in 1931 from Wyndham, WA to England in the record
                                  time of  8 days and 20 minutes.  The above photograph from the J. E. Martin collection shows the
                                  Moth in the U.K. whilst touring with Scott's circus          The photo below, from the E.A. Crome
                                  collection (via the National Library of Australia), is stated, in the caption, as being at Darwin in
                                  April 1932.  Since the aircraft was in the U.K. at that time, possibly this date is off by a  year, and
                                  the photo was actually taken as the aircraft was transiting to Wyndham to begin the trip.    Scott,
                                  along with aviator Tom Campbell Black would later go on to win the London-Melbourne Centenary
                                  Air Race in 1934 flying the D.H. Comet G-ACSS.      VH-UQA was flown around in the U.K for.
                                  several years wearing its Australia rego, since it didn't become G-ACOA until 1934 (probably when
                                  Scott sold it?).