VH-UPL  Junkers F.13l                    (c/n  2075)


                                   Imported in November 1930 for Sky Travel Pty Ltd of Brisbane, this Junkers F.13 was powered
                                   by a 460 h.p. Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar engine.   This rare shot above is from the Charles Ohlson
                                   collection via the Civil Aviation Historical Society archives.   Below is a newspaper-extracted image
                                   from the Melbourne Argus for 18 November 1930 and was a Shell Oil Co photo taken just after
                                   the aircraft had been imported through Melbourne.      The Junkers either did not fit well into the
                                   Australian environment or Sky Travel went broke, since a year later it was sold in South Africa as
                                   ZS-ADR.   I assume it went to Union Airways who already had several of the type.  Anyway, it
                                   was impressed  into service with the SAAF during WW II with the serial 1429.    Odd that it did
                                   not find a new home in New Guinea in the early 1930s.