VH-UPI    Avro 618  Ten                           (c/n  468)


                                        The above photograph, courtesy of the John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland collection
                                        appeared in "The Queenslander" journal and shows the big Avro over the beach at Yeppoon circa
                                        1931.  Originally registered in October 1930 to Queensland .Air Navigation Ltd, (in whose check-
                                        ered tail markings it is seen here) it was transferred to New England Airways Ltd of Lismore, NSW
                                        in December 1931, along with VH-UNJ.    (VH-UMH also joined NEA later).  It is seen in the
                                        shot below outside the AOA hangar at Archerfield circa 1930.        At the foot of the page is an
                                        image from Bruce Robinson of -UPI at Lismore when in service with NEA, between a couple of
                                        that company's Monospars.    VH-UPI was taken over by Airlines of Australia Ltd in 1936.
                                        In 1937 its CofA was suspended due to corrosion found and it was stricken from the register in
                                        September of that year.