VH-UOW    Junkers G.31go            (c/n   3010)


                                           This superb nostalgic shot of pre-war New Guinea comes from the Civil Aviation Historic
                                           Society collection (undoubtedly a Len Dobbins photograph ).  This old bird was purchased by
                                           New Guinea Airways for operation as a freighter in 1931.  It was powered by three Pratt &
                                           Whitney Hornet A2 engines.  It labored on with Guinea Airways until it was impressed into
                                           RAAF service in 1942 as A44-1.   At war's end it was, surprisingly, still in one piece, but fell
                                           into disuse.  Surprisingly, because so many of the civilian aircraft resident in New Guinea after
                                          1942 were strafed and shot up on their airfields by marauding Japanese fighters.  The remains
                                          of -UOW were until recently, still to be found at Alexishafen, New Guinea.