VH-UOV  Junkers G.31go                        (c/n  3012)


  Good, side photos of VH-UOV appear tobe non existant.  The above, from the Ben Danneker
                                      collection shows it at Lae circa 1931 and was taken by Bert Heath, who was previously aWest
                                      Australian Airways pilot.  The other two G.31s are undentifiable but were either -UOU, -OUW
                                      or -OUX.  
Named "Peter" by the Bulolo Gold Dredging Co,-UOV was first registered in June
                                      1931.  The image below is from the collection of Hugh Batters, whose grandfather, H.J. Berryman
                                      of Caulfield, Victoria, was the general agent and importer of Junkers  machines in the 1920s and 30s.
                                      The foot of the page image is from the Len Dobbin collection, via the CAHS and shows it loading a
                                      truck body    -UOV was still working faithfully in the Bulolo goldfields when it was attacked and
                                      destroyed by a Japanese raid on that outpost on 21 January 1942.