VH-UOP  de Havilland D.H.60M Moth                     (c/n  DHA.1)


                                       The above image is courtesy of the Goulburn War Memorial Museum, and was probably taken
                                       circa 1930 when the aircraft was registered to de Havillands at Mascot.        -UOP was the first
                                       of the D.H. Australia-built Moths and had its original 98 h.p. Gypsy I engine swapped out soon
                                       after it was built (in August 1930) for a Gypsy Mk. II whereupon the c/n was changed to DHA.3.
                                       I cannot tell from this photo whether that change had been accomplished or not, but I suspect it had.
    The two photos below are from the State Library of NSW collection. The caption on the upper
                                       one states that the pilot is shaking hands with the bearded passenger, while at the foot of the page
                                       the Moth is seen taking off from a "lower snow field" whatever that is.   At first glance it appears
                                       that the bloke on the ground is controlling it in some RTP sort of way like a model!!   This aircraft
                                       had many private owners over the next decade, mostly in NSW.  It was impressed into RAAF
                                       service in August 1940 becoming A7-120.