VH-UOB as G-ACKE  Avro 616 Avian IVM                       (c/n  R3/CN/414)


                                    This aircraft represents a sort of 'reverse' identity situation to most VH-Us with previous regis-
                                    trations in that it was imported new, from England, on 10 May 1930 for the first Australian National
                                    Airways Ltd of Sydney.   After exactly two years  it returned to the U.K. and became (not reverted
                                    to) G-ACKE.  That suggests some sort of lease arrangement.  Anyway, in the event, I have never
                                    been able to glean a photo of it as VH-UOB.  The above shot, from the Maurice Collier collection
                                    was taken in the U.K. following its return from Australia.      The Avian lasted until July 1950 when
                                    it was damaged beyond repair.