VH-UNS  Blackburn Bluebird IV                        (c/n  SB.212)


                                        This Bluebird was imported in March 1930 by the Larkin Aircraft Supply Co Ltd. of Melbourne.
                                        It was sold to Ludwig Nudl who invented a device intended to improve the spark from magneto
                                        ignitions when running on low grade fuel. .    Dubbed the 'Raysola Ignition' aeroplane, VH-UNS
                                        was used to test the system in its105 hp Genet Major.          A close up of the titling so indicating
                                        appears below.   This photo is from the archives of the Civil Aviation Society of South Australia.   
                                        The aircraft was flown around Australia (with limited success) by  R. W. McKenzie with Nudl as
                                        passenger.     Following a lapse of its CofA in 1931, the Bluebird was taken over by Australia
                                        Aerial Services Ltd, and was later acquired by K.R.M. Farmer, also of Melbourne in 1936.
                                        Whether the Raysola device was still fitted or not I am not sure, but, in the event, the aircraft
                                        crashed at Essendon in January 1937 and was stricken from the register.