VH-UNP  de Havilland D.H.60M Moth               (c/n  1407)


                                     VH-UNP was delivered to Qantas (as a de Havilland agent) in March 1930.    It was on-sold
                                     to Queensland Air Navigation in whose checkered tail livery it is seen above.  This photo comes
                                     from the archives of Exxon Mobil (via Wally Civitico).   After a couple more owners in Queens-
                                     land and it was sold in 1934 to a private owner in West Australia.    In 1936 it was acquired by
                                     Holymans Airways Pty Ltd and relocated to Launceston.    When ANA took over it was trans-
                                     ferred to them, and ownership changed on 25 November 1936.  The shot of it with wings folded
                                     is from the Lawrence Roche collection and shows the Moth at a property in the western district
                                     around 1937.  The grainy image at photo # 3 below came from the Daryl Mackenzie collection 
                                     Both photos show the ANA logo on the rudder. On 11 June 1939, while taking off from Essendon,
                                     VH-UNP struck the Moth VH-UHS.   Both machines were destroyed in the resultant fire.  The
                                     aircraft had had another, less serious accident on 18 November 1934 when it spun into the ground
                                     while landing at West Subiaco aerodrome, Perth.  The Western Mail of 19 November 1934 carried
                                     the story and the shot at the foot of the page was extracted from the newspaper archives.  The pilot,
                                     R.J. Bartle sustained head injuries and shock, although was not seriously injured.