VH-UNO   Junkers A.50 Junior                  (c/n  3507)


        The above photograph is from the collection of Hugh Batters, whose grandfather, H.J. Berryman
                                     of Caulfield, Victoria, was general agent for Junkers aircraft in the late 1920s and early 1930s
                                  .  That's Berryman standing on the wing of "Wendouree", as the craft was named.   The Junkers
                                     was first delivered to Berryman's house in Caulfield and stored in a back shed!   The photo
                                     immediately below shows its arrival early in 1930.    Photo No. 3 is from the Hood Collection
                                     Pt II (Aviation) via the State Library of New South Wales and is a general view of the aircraft
                                     in flight.      On 6 July 1930 VH-UNO was being flown by noted aviator Henry Goya Henry
                                     (generally known just as Goya Henry) when it crashed at Manly, NSW during bad weather 
                                     His passenger was killed and Goya, who had a commercial licence and was a bit of a local
                                     barnstormer in NSW, lost a leg.      With a successful artificial leg, he eventually regained his
                                     commercial licence in 1932 and acquired a Genairco biplane, decorated it with a 'Jolly Roger'
                                     and used it for joy-riding.  As they say "You can't keep a good man down".  Well, in those days
                                     "they" couldn't.   Goya was somewhat of a thorn in the side of officialdom and among other things
                                     challenged Federal powers over intra-state aviation in the High Court which resulted in major
                                     changes to the Air Navigation Regulations by the Civil Aviation Board.   It was later referred to
                                     in official correspondence as "The Henry Decision".      The shot of the wreckage of -UNO at
                                     the foot of the page  (# 4) is also from Hugh's collection.