VH-UNN de Havilland D.H.60M Moth               (c/n  1419)


                                  The above machine is claimed, by the State Library of New South Wales, from whose collection
                                  this image emanates, to be VH-UNN.   I cannot verify the veracity of this statement except to say
                                  that the accompanying narrative attests that the owner was one Eric Lyell and the photo was taken
                                  at the Bourke railway station aerodrome..   This, therefore, is most likely correct insofar as VH-UNN
                                  was registered to a E.W. Lyell of Clover Creek, via Bourke, NSW in May of 1930. .   Certainly the
                                  lady's hat would indicate that it was pretty close to 1930.   My mother had one just like it.  Anyway,
                                  a scant eight months later, on 7 January 1931 VH-UNN crashed at Griffith, NSW and was destroyed
                                  by the resultant fire.   (And did Mr. Lyell own two previous 'Sky Hawks'?)