VH-UNE  de Havilland D.H.60M Moth                 (c/n  1398)


                                           Above is a newspaper photo from the Adelaide Advertiser for 25 June 1934.    On the 23rd of
                                           that month VH-UNE had a mid-air collision with VH-UGU over Parafield.    The accompanying
                                           caption appeared to have a number of identity errors associated with it.  It indicated that the Metal
                                           Moth VH-UNE had collided with "a wooden Cirrus Moth which was once owned by Capt. Hugh
                                           Grosvenor and was the one in which he made his 'round-Australia Flight in 1928". That would have
                                           made the other machine VH-UGS, but it was, fact, VH-UGU with which -UNE collided.  VH-UGU
                                           was registered at the time to Miss I.J. Bishop, although the Advertiser stated it was owned by Alan
                                           Rodda.  It was being flown by Mr. Laurence Newman who was killed instantly.     The crash photo
                                           of it also appeared in the news paper and a copy of that print is seen below.  VH-UNE was an Aero
                                           Club of South Australia machine and was being flown by Mr. Horace R. Cowan, who was also
                                           killed.   .  It was South Australia's worst air disaster at the time.

                                        VH-UGU  de Havilland D.H.60X Moth                              (c/n  606)