VH-UNC  General Aircraft Genairco Open Biplane       (c/n  10)

                                  The above is a classic company publicity shot from General Aircraft of -UNC taken at Mascot
                                  in early 1930 before its onward sale to Rockhampton Aerial Services Ltd.  This photo is courtesy
                                  of the John Hopton collection.  The shot below, from the Geoff Goodall collection, was taken at
                                  Archerfield in 1938, whilst the scratchy print at the foot of the page is from my own scrapbook.
                                  VH-UNC was the first Genairco, sometimes referred to as the Genairco Moth.   Although based
                                  on the D.H.60 Moth design, the Genairco was actually a totally different aeroplane.  Following its
                                  ownership by the Rockhampton company, -UNC had several other owners in Queensland.  Its last
                                  keeper,  E. D. Hill of "Rose Vale" Station, Wyandra joined the RAAF at the outbreak of WW2
                                  and had the aircraft stored "for the duration" in dismantled condition at Dalby Qld.  In January 1946
                                  he applied to DCA to get it flying again, planning to replace its Gipsy III with a Gipsy Major and the
                                  aircraft was moved to Archerfield to renew its CofA and change engines.    However in December
                                 1947 Hill told DCA that he no longer wished to re-register the Genairco, as he had purchased the
                                  DH.84 Dragon -AYZ (which he flew for many years).   The fate -UNC is unknown    It probably
                                  rotted in away a barn somewhere.